Greater Sudbury Police Services Board


The Board is responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services within the City of Greater Sudbury, a duty it discharges through the enactment of by-laws and policies and in accordance with Legislative Obligations and at a minimum crime prevention, law enforcement, assistance to victims of crime, public order maintenance, and emergency response. 


The City of Greater Sudbury appoints one citizen to the board and two members of Council.

  • Councillor Gerry Montpellier
  • Councillor Michael Vagnini

Citizen Appointments

The City Clerk’s Office will include all applications on the Nominating Committee Agenda for January 27, 2015. The appointments will be ratified by City Council at its next regular meeting. A letter will be sent to all applicants to inform them of Council’s decision.


The term coincides with term of Council or until successors are appointed.