Manager of Resident Care EX21-728

Employment Opportunity Notice

The City of Greater Sudbury
requires a

Manager of Resident Care
Reporting Location: 960 Notre Dame

Permanent Position
(Succession Planning)

Start Date to Follow Selection Process

The Resident Care Section, Long Term Care Services Division, Community Development Department of the City of Greater Sudbury, requires a Manager of Resident Care.  The successful candidate must possess the qualifications and perform the duties, as set out below. The current range of pay for this position is $112,963.41 to $132,950.79 per annum.

Main Function:

Fulfill the statutory role of a Director of Nursing and Personal Care under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007.  Supervise and direct the nursing staff and personal care staff of Pioneer Manor and the nursing and personal care provided by them and perform any other duties provided for in the regulations.


Under the general supervision of the Director of Long Term Care Services (Pioneer Manor).

  1.      Fulfill the statutory role of a Director of Nursing and Personal Care under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007.  Supervise and direct the nursing staff and personal care staff of Pioneer Manor and the nursing and personal care provided by them and perform any other duties provided for in the regulations.

  2.      Ensure positive customer relations with families and residents and follow up as necessary to resolve concerns.

  3.      Oversee staffing and materials management to maintain budget control, seeking efficiencies and opportunities to enhance quality of services.

  4.      Ensure a progressive approach to resident care through the provision of staff education and training opportunities.

  5.      Provide leadership with respect to health care accreditation processes and motivate staff to target positive outcomes.

  6.      Ensure staff awareness of legal responsibility and accountability regarding documentation, confidentiality and resident care, etc.

  7.      Monitor Home trends and evaluate risk management/quality assurance activities; lead and implement operational change initiatives.

  8.      Develop policies, procedures and programs; assess and define goals and objectives in accordance with legislated standards.  Manage Home wide infection control procedures.

  9.      Oversee the admission and transfer of residents within the Home.

10.      Ensure the administration, control and safekeeping of medications by the professional staff.

11.      Ensure appropriate procedures are in place relating to safety and security of residents, staff and visitors.

12.      Participate in Committees as required (e.g. Health and Safety, Quality Improvement); liaise with related Ministry and community health and teaching agencies.

13.      Conduct job performance appraisals, promote, demote, discipline and recommend hiring and discharge of staff; ensure staff development through in-service programs.

14.      Act as Management's Representative as outlined in the Grievance Procedure.

15.      Develop and maintain a thorough working knowledge of CGS's Safety Manual and the applicable Provincial Legislation listed therein.

16.      Perform other related duties as required.


Education and Training:

Registered Nurse in possession of a current Certificate of Competence as issued by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and/or speciality in Gerontology from a recognized University with Canadian accreditation would be considered an asset.

           Additional education initiatives to update and expand competencies considered an asset.


A minimum of five (5) years of responsible nursing experience in the management of a large, unionized and highly diversified public or private sector long-term care Home.

Knowledge of:

Current and emerging management issues within CGS as they affect the Home.

Best practices within areas of responsibility.

Horizontal linkages to other relevant governmental levels and services as well as the private sector.

Comprehensive knowledge of Nursing Administration (budgeting, report writing) and long term (geriatric) nursing care.

Knowledge of Social Gerontology.

Must possess a working knowledge of the appropriate legislation as it relates to the Long-Term Care Homes Act (e.g. the Health Disciplines Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Standards of Nursing Practice).

Abilities to:

Understand and meet the needs of customers.

Build the values of the organization into programs, services and policies.

Set and achieve high standards for the Home.

Align systems to facilitate better service for the citizens of CGS.

Link programs, services and policies of the Home to broad policy objectives of the organization.

Create enthusiasm and motivation for Employees to pursue the targets of CGS.

Create and respond appropriately to a continuous learning environment.

Anticipate and manage the impact of change on the Home’s activities.

Manage the financial, human and physical resources of the Home in a collaborative manner.

Manage conflict; mediate disputes; assist in reaching consensus.

Respond quickly to emerging opportunities or risks.

Provide a stabilizing influence within the Home.

Demonstrate effective human relations skills in dealing with staff, medical contacts, families, residents.

Personal Suitability:

Mental and physical fitness to perform essential job functions.


Excellent use of English; verbally and in writing.

French verbal skills highly desirable; written skills an asset.


Provide, at own cost, a Criminal Record Check.

Provide, at own cost, a Two-Step Mantoux Test (TB).

Must be physically capable of operating a vehicle safely, possess a valid driver's licence, have an acceptable driving record, and personal insurance coverage.

Note: A Criminal Record Check will be requested by the Hiring Manager should you be the candidate of choice.  Please do not submit your Criminal Record Check with your application.

Leadership Competencies:  Tactical Implementation (II)


Competency Definition


Level Definition

Shaping the Future


Take a creative approach to problems or issues, “think outside the box”, go beyond the conventional, and explore creative uses of resources.


Takes action to innovate

Judgment and Decision Making

Make sound decisions involving varied levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk.


Develops alternatives before making complex decisions

Delivering Business Results


Work and communicate collaboratively within City of Greater Sudbury to create alignment within and across teams and groups.


Collaborates beyond one’s area

Customer/Citizen Focus

The desire to work closely with internal and external customers to meet and exceed their expectations.


Monitors and improves quality of customer service

Organizational Awareness

Learn and understand the key relationships, diverse interest groups and power bases within one’s own and other organizations.


Understands climate and culture

Planning, Coordination & Execution

Plan and coordinate work to achieve desired results on a consistent basis.


Plans and executes broad implementation efforts

Aligning People & Teams

Developing Others

The genuine intent to foster the long-term learning or development of others by recognizing and supporting their developmental interests and needs, and encouraging opportunities for learning.


Provides feedback to encourage ongoing development

Holding Self & Others Accountable

Hold others accountable to execute to high standards of excellence and hold themselves accountable to the same or higher standard.


Acts to address performance issues


Inspire others to work toward common goals by engaging and empowering them, and providing clarity and direction.


Obtains resources and takes care of the team

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness


Adapt and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups.


Adapts approach

Interpersonal Communication

Communicate effectively by reflecting on verbal and non-verbal behaviour, being attuned to the needs, perspectives and sensitivities of others and acting with them in mind.


Makes insightful assessments

Managerial Courage/Integrity

Acting with integrity, ensuring one’s actions are consistent with City of Greater Sudbury’s values and expectations.


Is honest and candid with managers, peers or external parties

Leadership Presence

Develop and maintain a sense of presence and emotional maturity and have an inner confidence that one can succeed and overcome obstacles.


Demonstrates resilience


For more information on leadership competencies, please see our Leadership Competency Dictionary.

All City of Greater Sudbury employees are required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of hire in accordance with the City's mandatory Vaccination Policy. Please do not submit your proof of vaccination with your resume. This information will only be required if you are selected as the candidate of choice.

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates should submit their résumé in confidence by Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 4:30 PM by: e-mail to: or facsimile number: 705-688-3979. Any application received after this deadline will not be considered. Please reference the Employment Opportunity number (EX21-728) on your resume.

For further instructions on how to apply to this position, please visit our How to Apply section.

The City of Greater Sudbury is dedicated to maintaining a fair and equitable work environment, and welcomes submissions from all qualified applicants.

Personal information submitted will be used for the purpose of determining suitability for this competition only in accordance with The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All applicants are thanked for their interest in this position. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. If contacted, and you require a disability related accommodation in order to participate in the recruitment process, you must advise the Hiring Manager.