Manager of Financial Planning and Budgeting EX22-747

Posting date: June 17, 2022

Job Title: Manager of Financial Planning and Budgeting

Number of Vacancies: 1

Posting number: EX22-747

Status: Permanent position

Hours of Work: 70 hours bi-weekly

Shift Work Required: No

Range of Pay: $3,995.60 to $4,700.50 bi-weekly

Start date: To follow selection process

Initial Reporting Location: Tom Davies Square
Eligible to Work from Home: Yes (part time)

Section: Financial Planning and Budgeting
Division: Finance, Assets and Fleet
Department: Corporate Services                             

Main Function:            Plan, direct and provide overall supervision of the activities of the Financial Planning and Budgeting Section of the Finance, Assets and Fleet Division of the Corporate Services Department, including the operating and capital budget process, financial support to operating departments and the development of tax policy and assessment, financing strategies and the investment program.

Duties:             Under the general direction of the Executive Director of Finance, Assets and Fleet.

  1.      Develop and lead the group of finance business partners to provide financial support and analysis to all City of Greater Sudbury (CGS) divisions.

  2.      Assist in the preparation and execution of the annual Business Plan for the Finance, Assets and Fleet Section.

  2.      Develop and monitor the operating budget for the Financial Planning and Budgeting Section.   

  3.      Act as an advisor to the Executive Director of Finance, Assets and Fleet on all financial policy matters.

  4.      Research, monitor and report on financial program and policy activities at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels which may impact upon CGS; develop financial strategies for managing same.

  5.      Review Council Reports and report on the policy and financial impacts.

  6.      Plan, implement and supervise the operations and capital budget process through on-going variance and financial analysis.

  7.      Co-ordinate and develop financial policies in alignment with CGS’s vision and values and in accordance with the annual Business Plan including:

  • Financial and budgetary strategies to ensure effective financial planning for multi-year budget systems:
  • Recommend revenue rate structures in conjunction with operating departments, analyze and report on the impact of revenue and grant structure changes;
  • Assist operating departments with strategic planning and policy on all finance-related matters.

  8.      Oversee the development and monitoring of the Long Term Financial Plan.

  9.      Co-ordinate the preparation of the quarterly variance reports and multi-year forecasts.

 10.     Responsible for preparation of financial analysis, studies and reports, as required and in support of annual credit rating requirements.

 11.     Responsible for the development of municipal tax policy recommendations for Council’s consideration, including:

  • Analyzing and reporting any changes in Provincial tax policy;
  • Establishing annual tax rates and developing area rates, as required;
  • Protection of the property tax assessment base, including monitoring and reporting on assessment changes and impact of same.

 12.     Liaise with the City Solicitor and other governments on the matter of debt, direct the preparation, approval and issuance of all CGS borrowing instruments.

 13.     Develop the cash management program and administration of debt including the review, analysis and recommendation of policy or policy changes.

 14.     Develop and maintain a thorough working knowledge of relevant Provincial and Federal legislation and related regulations (e.g. the Municipal Act, Loan and Trust Corporations Act, Bank Act, etc).

 15.     Hire, promote and recommend to the Executive Director of Finance, Assets and Fleet, the discharge of Section personnel; perform job performance appraisals, salary reviews and dispense discipline as required.

 16.     Ensure proper and effective staffing of his/her area of responsibility through adequate scheduling, training and motivational techniques.

 17.     Develop and maintain a thorough working knowledge of CGS’s Safety Manual and the applicable Provincial Legislation listed therein.

 18.     Perform other related duties as required.


Education and Training:

University degree in a related discipline (e.g. Economics, Business Administration or Commerce) including several accounting courses at the intermediate level from a recognized University with Canadian accreditation or a professional accounting designation (CGA, CMA, CA) or MBA an asset.

Additional education initiatives to update and expand competencies.


Minimum of six (6) years of senior level experience in the management of large, unionized, and highly diversified public or private sector organizations in an ERP environment.

Knowledge of:

Municipal funding sources and applicable legislation and related regulations.

Accounting and economic principles and practices.

Current and emerging management issues within CGS as they affect the Section.

Best practices within areas of responsibility.

Horizontal linkages to other relevant governmental levels and services as well as the private sector.

Financial analysis and planning, with particular reference to municipal finance.

Microcomputer software capabilities and computerized administrative systems.

Abilities to:

Ability to build work collaboratively with operating departments on complex and diverse projects.

Exercise appropriate judgement and discretion in dealing with confidential information and fiscal analysis.

Build the values of the organization into programs, services and policies.

Prepare an effective Business Plan for the Section.

Set and achieve high standards for the Section.

Align systems to facilitate better service for the citizens of CGS.

Create enthusiasm and motivation for employees to pursue CGS’s targets.

Balance conflicting demands from stakeholders.

Anticipate and manage the impact of change on the Section’s activities.

Manage the financial, human and physical resources of the Section in a collaborative manner.

Manage conflict; mediate disputes; assist in reaching consensus.

Respond quickly to emerging technologies, opportunities or risks.

Provide a stabilizing influence within the Section.

Personal Suitability:

Mental and physical fitness to perform essential job functions.


Excellent use of English; verbally and in writing.

French verbal skills highly desirable.


May require the use of a personal or CGS vehicle on CGS business.  Must be physically capable of operating a vehicle safely, possess a valid driver’s licence, have an acceptable driving record, and personal insurance coverage.

Leadership Competencies: Strategic Implementation (III)


Competency Definition


Level Definition

Shaping the Future

Business Acumen

Understand the business implications of opportunities and decisions, and implement successful business strategies to improve organizational performance.


Applies broader business metrics

Judgment and Decision Making

Make sound decisions involving varied levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk.


Formulates a “big picture” understanding of the near-term impact of decisions

Strategic Orientation

Understand the business implications of decisions on one’s role, and link daily work to the organization’s strategy.


Understands external impact on internal strategy

Delivering Business Results


Work and communicate collaboratively within City of Greater Sudbury to create alignment within and across teams and groups.


Enables organizational collaboration

Customer/Citizen Focus

The desire to work closely with internal and external customers to meet and exceed their expectations.


Uses a long-term perspective; acts as a trusted advisor

Driving for Results

The personal drive to achieve results, and focus one’s attention on accomplishing key objectives and positive outcomes for oneself, one’s team and the business.


Makes cost-benefit analyses

Impact & Influence

Persuade, convince, influence or gain the commitment of others to get them to accept a point of view, adopt a specific direction, commit to an idea, or take a course of action.


Uses customized influence strategies

Organizational Awareness

Learn and understand the key relationships, diverse interest groups and power bases within one’s own and other organizations.


Understands organizational politics

Aligning People & Teams

Developing Others

The genuine intent to foster the long-term learning or development of others by recognizing and supporting their developmental interests and needs, and encouraging opportunities for learning.


Provides in-depth coaching, mentoring or training

Holding Self & Others Accountable

Hold others accountable to execute to high standards of excellence and hold themselves accountable to the same or higher standard.


Acts to address performance issues


Inspire others to work toward common goals by engaging and empowering them, and providing clarity and direction.


Acts as a credible leader

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

Managerial Courage/Integrity

Acting with integrity, ensuring one’s actions are consistent with City of Greater Sudbury’s values and expectations.


Applies strong personal moral compass to strategic decisions and actions


For more information on leadership competencies, please see our Leadership Competency Dictionary.

Résumés quoting EX22-747 are invited and will be received by the City of Greater Sudbury’s Human Resources and Organizational Development Division, by e-mail at or fax at 705-688-3979, for the above noted position until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 7, 2022.  Any application received after this deadline will not be considered.

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All City of Greater Sudbury employees are required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of hire in accordance with the City's mandatory Vaccination Policy. Please do not submit your proof of vaccination with your resume. This information will only be required if you are selected as the candidate of choice.

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