Co-ordinator of Special Operations (CEMC) EX21-1042

Employment Opportunity Notice

The City of Greater Sudbury
requires a

Co-ordinator of Special Operations (CEMC)
Reporting Location: Lionel E. Lalonde Centre

Permanent Position
70 Hours Bi-Weekly

Start Date to Follow Selection Process

The Emergency Management Division, Community Safety Department of the City of Greater Sudbury, requires a Co-ordinator of Special Operations.  The successful candidate must possess the qualifications and perform the duties, as set out below. The current range of pay for this position is $2,883.30 to $3,393.60 bi-weekly.

Main Function:

Develop and co-ordinate CGS’s Emergency Management Program in line with emergency management best practices and legislative requirements.


Under the general direction of the General Manager of Community Safety.

  1. Prepare and revise CGS’s Emergency Response Plan, co-ordinate the development of supporting departmental and community plans.  Review and revise information contained in all Annexes.
  2. Develop the staffing plan for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), identify the materials, communications and computer equipment required.  Routinely test equipment and validate overall facility procedures.
  3. Develop, deliver and assess the emergency training program for CGS staff.  Conduct simulated emergency exercises and facilitate post-exercise meetings.
  4. Develop and implement the public awareness program regarding public emergency preparedness and the community Emergency Management Program through marketing campaigns, press releases, brochures, newsletters and community service announcements, in conjunction with Communications and Community Engagement Section and Emergency Management Ontario.
  5. Assist in the preparation of and execute an annual Business Plan covering all mandated services of the Emergency Preparedness Section, in concert with the budgeting process.  The Plan will detail service goals, expected service/ performance outputs, resource inputs required to achieve these outputs, and the performance measures used to assess the Section’s performance against the goals.
  6. Assist in the preparation of the current budget for the Department, monitor approved budget expenditures, reporting variances to the General Manager of Community Safety.
  7. Participate on the Greater Sudbury Emergency Management Program Committee and departmental and regional committees and task forces as directed.
  8. Co-ordinate the identification of community hazards, their probability of occurrence and the vulnerability of the public, critical infrastructure, the environment and the organization itself to these hazards.
  9. Prepare responses to inquiries, reports and related correspondence regarding emergency management issues.
  10. Prepare and deliver presentations on the progress and effectiveness of the Emergency Management Program to Council, senior staff, provincial ministries and community agencies.
  11. Research, analyze and prepare complex reports for department heads, Council and Provincial Ministries regarding CGS’s Emergency Management Program.
  12. Working with high level business leaders, motivate and co-ordinate industry and stakeholders to develop business practices designed to decrease identified community risks.
  13. Develop business plans providing strategic direction for CGS in developing business practices, response capabilities and mitigation plans to deal with identified risks and response issues.
  14. Conduct, in concert with the General Manager of Community Safety, the recruitment and selection process, and job performance appraisals.  Impose discipline, provide remedial training and discharge employees as required.
  15. Responsible to be on call on a 24-hour basis in the event of an emergency.
  16. In the event of an emergency, initiate the notification procedures of the Community Control Group as required, provide accurate and timely advice to the EOC group.
  17. Develop and maintain a thorough working knowledge of CGS’s Safety Manual and the applicable Provincial legislation listed therein.
  18. Perform other related duties as required.


Education and Training:
College diploma in Business Administration or related field.
Successful completion of the Community Emergency Management Co-Ordinator courses as mandated by Emergency Management Ontario.
Additional education initiatives to update and expand competencies.
Over two and one half (2½) years up to and including five (5) years of related Emergency Services/Management experience.
Demonstrate experience in emergency planning and administration of an emergency management program in accordance with the province’s Emergency Management Act.
Knowledge of:
Emergency Management Program development practices and standards, and applicable legislation.
CGS Emergency Response capabilities.
CGS’s priorities.
Best practices within areas of responsibility.
Abilities to:
Organize and analyze complex information and data.
Compose complex reports for CGS Departments, Council and Provincial Ministries.
Co-ordinate and motivate stakeholders to develop business practices designed to decrease community risk profile.
Understand and meet the needs of customers.
Build the values of the organization into Sectional programs, services and policies.
Prepare an effective Business Plan for the Section.
Align systems to facilitate better service for the citizens of CGS.
Link programs, services and policies of the Section to broad policy objectives of the organization.
Create and respond appropriately to a continuous learning environment.
Balance conflicting demands from stakeholders.
Anticipate and manage the impact of change on the Section’s activities.
Respond quickly to emerging opportunities or risks.
Personal Suitability:
Mental and physical fitness to perform essential job functions.
Initiative to complete required duties independently.
Personal commitment to address demands from internal and external stakeholders.
Excellent use of English; verbally and in writing.
French verbal skills highly desirable; written skills an asset.
May require the use of a personal or CGS vehicle on CGS business.  Must be physically capable of operating a vehicle safely, possess a valid driver’s licence, have an acceptable driving record, and personal insurance coverage.

Leadership Competencies: Tactical Coordination and Direction (I)


Competency Definition


Level Definition

Shaping the Future


Take a creative approach to problems or issues, “think outside the box”, go beyond the conventional, and explore creative uses of resources.


Proposes innovative ideas

Judgment and Decision Making

Make sound decisions involving varied levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk.


Assimilates and interprets data to make competing decisions

Delivering Business Results


Work and communicate collaboratively within City of Greater Sudbury to create alignment within and across teams and groups.


Collaborates beyond one’s area

Customer/Citizen Focus

The desire to work closely with internal and external customers to meet and exceed their expectations.


Addresses underlying customer/stakeholder needs

Planning, Coordination & Execution

Plan and coordinate work to achieve desired results on a consistent basis.


Coordinates activities involving others within one’s team

Aligning People & Teams

Holding Self & Others Accountable

Hold others accountable to execute to high standards of excellence and hold themselves accountable to the same or higher standard.


Monitors performance and gives corrective feedback


Inspire others to work toward common goals by engaging and empowering them, and providing clarity and direction.


Optimizes team effectiveness

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Continuously develop and enhance one’s own and others’ personal and professional skills, knowledge and abilities.


Models a learning orientation


Adapt and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups.


Applies rules flexibly

Interpersonal Communication

Communicate effectively by reflecting on verbal and non-verbal behaviour, being attuned to the needs, perspectives and sensitivities of others and acting with them in mind.


Effectively uses empathy

Managerial Courage/Integrity

Acting with integrity, ensuring one’s actions are consistent with City of Greater Sudbury’s values and expectations.


Is publicly candid with the team, acting with integrity consistent with one’s beliefs

Leadership Presence

Develop and maintain a sense of presence and emotional maturity and have an inner confidence that one can succeed and overcome obstacles.


Demonstrates personal courage


For more information on leadership competencies, please see our Leadership Competency Dictionary.

All City of Greater Sudbury employees are required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of hire in accordance with the City's mandatory Vaccination Policy. Please do not submit your proof of vaccination with your resume. This information will only be required if you are selected as the candidate of choice.

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates should submit their résumé in confidence by Monday, January 17, 2022 at 4:30 PM by: e-mail to: or facsimile number: 705-688-3979.  Any application received after this deadline will not be considered. Please reference the Employment Opportunity number (EX21-1042) on your resume.

For further instructions on how to apply to this position, please visit our How to Apply section.

The City of Greater Sudbury is dedicated to maintaining a fair and equitable work environment, and welcomes submissions from all qualified applicants.

Personal information submitted will be used for the purpose of determining suitability for this competition only in accordance with The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 

All applicants are thanked for their interest in this position.  Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. If contacted, and you require a disability related accommodation in order to participate in the recruitment process, you must advise the Hiring Manager.