Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at the City of Greater Sudbury. On this page, you will find information on how to apply for jobs and a list of our current job opportunities.

We have a separate hiring process for students only working during the summer months. If you are looking for summer student jobs, please visit our Student Employment page.



Tree Pruner Leader (Certified) EX20-475
Linear Infrastructure Services
Closing Date: 7-Oct-2020

Building Services Technician EX20-467
Finance, Assets and Fleet
Closing Date: 15-Oct-2020

Curatorial Assistant (Funded) EX20-465
Libraries and Heritage Resources
Closing Date: 8-Oct-2020

Airport Operations Serviceperson (AFFS) "A" EX20-462
Greater Sudbury Airport
Closing Date: 2-Oct-2020

Maintenanceperson EX20-459
Pioneer Manor
Closing Date: 1-Oct-2020

Program Quality Co-ordinator (Bilingual-English/French) EX20-458
Social Services
Closing Date: 2-Oct-2020

Grounds Maintenance (5) EX20-456
Housing Operations
Closing Date: 2-Oct-2020

Traffic and Transportation Engineering Analyst EX20-453
Infrastructure Capital Planning
Closing Date: 14-Oct-2020

Director of Economic Development EX20-451
Economic Development
Closing Date: 19-Oct-2020

Housekeeping Worker(s) EX20-348
Pioneer Manor
Closing Date: 31-Dec-2020

Nutritional Aide(s) EX20-287
Pioneer Manor
Closing Date: 10-Dec-2020

School Crossing Guard(s) (Recruitment Pool) EX20-046
Transit Services
Closing Date: 14-Dec-2020

Service and Program Staff EX20-036 (Recruitment Pool)
Leisure Services
Closing Date: 16-Dec-2020

Junior Arena Maintenanceperson EX20-035 (Recruitment Pool)
Leisure Services
Closing Date: 16-Dec-2020

Personal Support Worker(s) EX20-008
Pioneer Manor
Closing Date: 16-Dec-2020

Registered Practical Nurse(s) EX20-007
Pioneer Manor
Closing Date: 16-Dec-2020

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