Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at the City of Greater Sudbury. On this page, you will find information on how to apply for jobs and a list of our current job opportunities.

We have a separate hiring process for students only working during the summer months. If you are looking for summer student jobs, please visit our Student Employment page.



Secretary EO18-015
Finance, Assets and Fleet | EO18-015
Closing Date: 24-Jan-2018

Cataloguing Technician EO18-014
Children and Citizen Services | EO18-014
Closing Date: 23-Jan-2018

Scheduling Clerk EO18-013
Long Term Care Services | EO18-013
Closing Date: 19-Jan-2018

Bus Operator (6) EO18-007 to EO18-012
Transit Services | EO18-007 to EO18-012
Closing Date: 18-Jan-2018

Branch Assistant (English) EO18-006
Children and Citizen Services | EO18-006
Closing Date: 18-Jan-2018

Branch Assistant (Bilingual - English/French) EO18-005
Children and Citizen Services | EO18-005
Closing Date: 18-Jan-2018

Commander of Paramedic Services EO18-004
Community Safety | EO18-004
Closing Date: 29-Jan-2018

Solid Waste Educator (Bilingual - English/French) - EO17-709
Environmental Services | EO17-709
Closing Date: 18-Jan-2018

Manager of Roads Operations EO17-708
Linear Infrastructure Services | EO17-708
Closing Date: 24-Jan-2018

Customer Service Representative/Plans Examiner EO17-683
Building Services | EO17-683

Solid Waste Specialist (2) EO17-681 to EO17-682 *Revised
Environmental Services | EO17-681 to EO17-682 *Revised
Closing Date: 18-Jan-2018

Lead, Services and Programs (Youth Centre Lead) (Recruitment Pool) EO17-608 **Revised
Leisure Services | EO17-608 **Revised
Closing Date: 9-May-2018

Ski Patrol Leader EO17-582 *Revised
Leisure Services | EO17-582 *Revised
Closing Date: 18-Jan-2018

Program Instructor (Ski/Snowboard Instructors) (Recruitment Pool) EO17-537 to EO17-576 **Revised
Leisure Services | EO17-537 to EO17-576 **Revised
Closing Date: 15-Feb-2018

Outdoor Rink Staff (Recruitment Pool) EO17-481 **Revised
Leisure Services | EO17-481 **Revised
Closing Date: 15-Feb-2018

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