Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at the City of Greater Sudbury. On this page, you will find information on how to apply for jobs and a list of our current job opportunities.

We have a separate hiring process for students only working during the summer months. If you are looking for summer student jobs, please visit our Student Employment page.



Physiotherapist EX18-311
Long Term Care Services | EX18-311
Closing Date: 9-May-2018

Project Controls Co-Ordinator EX18-308
Engineering Services | EX18-308
Closing Date: 11-May-2018

Financial Support Clerk I (CMMS) EX18-306
Finance, Assets and Fleet | EX18-306
Closing Date: 27-Apr-2018

Project Engineer EX18-304
Engineering Services | EX18-304
Closing Date: 14-May-2018

Distribution and Collection Operator B (Training Opportunity) EX18-301
Linear Infrastructure Services | EX18-301
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Specialty Youth Program Instructor (Cycling) EX18-299
Leisure Services | EX18-299
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Building Attendant EX18-296
Leisure Services | EX18-296
Closing Date: 1-May-2018

Scheduling Co-ordinator EX18-289
Paramedic Services | EX18-289
Closing Date: 1-May-2018

Water Meter Compliance Officer EX18-286
Water/Wastewater Services | EX18-286
Closing Date: 23-Apr-2018

Support Technician EX18-276
Information Technology | EX18-276
Closing Date: 30-Apr-2018

Construction Services Co-Ordinator EX18-271
Engineering Services | EX18-271
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Junior Field Inspector (6) EX18-269
Engineering Services | EX18-269
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Field Inspector (6) EX18-267
Engineering Services | EX18-267
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Field Inspector (2) EX18-265
Engineering Services | EX18-265
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Construction Services Co-Ordinator EX18-263
Engineering Services | EX18-263
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Construction Services Co-Ordinator EX18-261
Engineering Services | EX18-261
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Rodperson EX18-259
Engineering Services | EX18-259
Closing Date: 25-Apr-2018

Project Manager EX18-248
Engineering Services | EX18-248 *Revised
Closing Date: 26-Apr-2018

Junior Arena Maintenanceperson (Recruitment Pool) EX18-064
Leisure Services | EX18-064
Closing Date: 13-Dec-2018

Service and Program Staff (Recruitment Pool) EX18-059
Leisure Services | EX18-059
Closing Date: 13-Dec-2018

Personal Support Worker(s) Pioneer Manor EO18-017
Pioneer Manor | EO18-017
Closing Date: 5-Dec-2018

School Crossing Guard(s) (Recruitment Pool) EO18-003
Transit Services | EO18-003
Closing Date: 14-Jun-2018

Lead, Services and Programs (Youth Centre Lead) (Recruitment Pool) EO17-608
Leisure Services | EO17-608
Closing Date: 9-May-2018

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