Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at the City of Greater Sudbury. On this page, you will find information on how to apply for jobs and a list of our current job opportunities.

We have a separate hiring process for students only working during the summer months. If you are looking for summer student jobs, please visit our Student Employment page.



Arena Maintenanceperson Lead Hand EX18-616
Leisure Services | EX18-616
Closing Date: 23-Aug-2018

Building Attendant EX18-614
Leisure Services | EX18-614
Closing Date: 30-Aug-2018

Rodperson (4) EX18-612
Engineering Services | EX18-612
Closing Date: 30-Aug-2018

Transit Kiosk Clerk (Bilingual - English/French) EX18-609
Transit Services | EX18-609
Closing Date: 15-Aug-2018

Policy Analyst EX18-606
Social Services | EX18-606 *REVISED
Closing Date: 15-Aug-2018

Locates Program Administrator EX18-604
Infrastructure Capital Planning | EX18-604
Closing Date: 23-Aug-2018

School Crossing Guard(s) (Recruitment Pool) EX18-602 *Revised
Transit Services | EX18-602 *Revised
Closing Date: 19-Dec-2018

Lead, Services and Programs (Youth Centre Lead) (Recruitment Pool) EX18-599
Leisure Services | EX18-599
Closing Date: 24-Aug-2018

Nutritional Aide(s) EX18-595 *Revised
Pioneer Manor | EX18-595 *Revised
Closing Date: 29-Nov-2018

Regional Business Centre Intern (Funded) EX18-590
Economic Development | EX18-590
Closing Date: 16-Aug-2018

Swimming Instructor/Lifeguard (39) EX18-584 **Revised
Leisure Services | EX18-584 **Revised
Closing Date: 30-Aug-2018

Specialty Youth Program Instructor (10) (Funded) (EX18-559)
Children and Citizen Services | EX18-559 *Revised
Closing Date: 28-Aug-2018

Program Instructor-Youth Sports (5) (Bilingual) (Funded) EX18-557
Children and Citizen Services | EX18-557 *Revised
Closing Date: 28-Aug-2018

Program Instructor-Youth Sports (5) (English) (Funded) EX18-555
Children and Citizen Services | EX18-555 *Revised
Closing Date: 28-Aug-2018

Program Instructor(s) (Power Skating - Recruitment Pool) EX18-484 ***Revised
Leisure Services | EX18-484 ***Revised
Closing Date: 7-Sep-2018

Junior Arena Maintenanceperson (Recruitment Pool) EX18-064
Leisure Services | EX18-064
Closing Date: 13-Dec-2018

Service and Program Staff (Recruitment Pool) EX18-059
Leisure Services | EX18-059
Closing Date: 13-Dec-2018

Personal Support Worker(s) Pioneer Manor EO18-017
Pioneer Manor | EO18-017
Closing Date: 5-Dec-2018

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