Planning a Barbeque/Serving Food

Planning a Barbeque/Serving Food at a Special Event

Any groups/individuals interested in serving/cooking food at a special event will need to complete the Application for Food Service Permit form and return it to the Health Unit. This includes all barbeques and any other instances where food is being prepared. The form should be submitted 30 days in advance of the event. There is no cost to complete this form. Once received, it will be reviewed by the Environmental Health Division and a Health Unit Inspector will follow up with a group contact if necessary to get more information or to inform the group of any necessary changes. On the day of the event, the Inspector may also perform a site visit to ensure all policies and procedures are being followed. Groups/individuals must ensure they follow the same procedures they have outlined on their submitted form on the day of the event. If the inspector is not satisfied that the necessary requirements are being met they may shut down the food service portion of your event. Click here to view the related form.