Erecting Large Tents at a Special Event

Erecting Large Tents at a Special Event

Any groups/individuals interested in erecting large tents at a special event should read this information first. Tents and air-supported structures are governed by the Building Code Act. Certain tents require a permit from Building Services before they can be erected at a special event.

A tent over 600 square feet (20' by 30') with or without sides requires a permit and inspection from Building Services once erected. Small tents, less than 600 square feet, with or without sides, do not require permits; however all tents must be spaced at least 10' apart. It should be noted some tent rental companies will take responsibility for permits and supplying engineers, so be sure to ask your rental representative what responsibilities they cover.

For tents requiring permits, Building Services can provide information pertaining to tent requirements, including setback guidelines from other structures and from flammable or combustible material, tent fabric requirements, fire safety, structure design, etc. An application, which can be obtained from Building Services, should disclose such information as the date and location of the event and the name of the tent supplier. The application must be accompanied by:

  • the appropriate fees ($59 for tents under 1240 sq. feet and $120 for tents larger than 1240 sq. feet)
  • a plot plan which clearly shows the location of the tent and the distances from the lot lines and other structures
  • a commitment certificate from a structural engineer, where applicable
  • a letter of authorization from the property owner, where applicable

This application must be made at least two weeks in advance of the day of the event. Some tent rental companies that regularly provide tents throughout Greater Sudbury area, in alphabetical order are:

Party Tent Rentals                        (705) 897-6122
Pete's Party & Tent Rentall          (705) 673-4896
Rent N Party                                 (705) 560-1366