2020 Civic Awards Recipients




Sudbury Game and Fish Protective Association

The Sudbury Game and Fish Protective Association has been in operation for a remarkable 104 years. This group is actively involved in the conservation, health and welfare of wildlife and resources in and around Greater Sudbury. 

The group works aggressively to maintain and improve the environment, fish and wildlife in our community through projects such as stocking fish, annual tree planting and helping to re-introduce elk into Ontario. Other activities include improvement of animal habitats and advocacy towards the capture and conviction of poachers.

The group has provided funding for a bursary at Laurentian University, fish stocking in local lakes, the School Micro-Hatchery Program, the Deer Save Program, and Crime Stoppers. It plans and supports public archery and target shooting events on club property, the ice fishing activity at Pond Hockey on the Rock, Annual Ice Fishing Day with Friends of Lake Laurentian, and the Annual Summer Family Fishing event.

This group is also very active each spring and fall in picking up garbage along Long Lake Road, near its facility. 

This club has spent thousands of hours protecting nature and wildlife in our backyards. Thank you to Sudbury Game and Fish Protective Association for helping to advocate for and maintain the rich and bountiful wildlife in the Greater Sudbury community.  

Sudbury Game and Fish Protective Association recipients with Mayor Bigger

Breast Screening and Assessment Volunteers – Health Sciences North

The Breast Screening and Assessment Volunteers are a group of seven individuals who have been volunteering in different capacities since 2002. They help patients navigate the diagnostic imaging process, hand out gowns, manage laundry, and verify paperwork for patients who require screening.

More important, is the care they show these patients who are already worried about outcomes of the process. They consistently greet patients with a smile, encouragement, kindness and reassurance to help take their mind away from the potential health concern. They give so much of themselves to the staff and patients who visit this department. They are truly the heart of the clinic. 

The Greater Sudbury community is fortunate to have such committed and dedicated volunteers to assist citizens through this difficult process. Thank you to this volunteer group for making a challenging situation for patients a lot more manageable through your kindness and empathy.

Breast Screening and Assessment Volunteers – Health Sciences North

Sudbury Regional Science Fair Committee

The Sudbury Regional Science Fair Committee celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. This committee is a not-for-profit organization and has 21 volunteers representing school boards, private industry, Laurentian University, Science Fair Alumni, and Science North. 

Every year, the Committee spends almost 1500 hours ensuring the Regional Science Fair is offered each April to students in the Greater Sudbury community. The event involves many different facets, including outreach to schools, fundraising, judging, media interviews, managing sponsors, compiling results, planning the awards ceremony and arranging for winners to attend the Canada-wide Science Fair. 

This enriching experience increases students’ skills in science exploration and communication and connects students to professional scientists through mentorship of their project and/or through the judging experience at the fair. Since its inception, approximately 5280 students have participated in the Sudbury Regional Science Fair. 

The partnership with this committee has supported teachers in creating project-based science, and through the development of science fair projects in their classrooms, teachers have made science come alive for their students. 

Thank you, Sudbury Regional Science Fair Committee and your partners for supporting and encouraging the advancement of science throughout the schools in our community and keeping science growing in the minds of Greater Sudbury students. 

Sudbury Regional Science Fair Committee

YMCA Women’s Wellness Weekend Volunteer Committee

The YMCA Women’s Wellness Weekend Volunteer Committee has been in operation for 30 years. Four founding members have consistently participated, with others joining from year to year. The goal of the committee is to expose women to the beauty and adventure of the outdoors, while advocating for others. 
The outdoor adventure weekend at John Island Camp allows women, who don’t typically spend overnight time outdoors, to enjoy and learn about nature, safely, with knowledgeable organizers. Participants enjoy activities such as kayaking, high ropes courses, yoga, bird watching and star gazing. 

The weekend also includes a silent auction fundraiser. Funds are directed toward equipment purchases for John Island Camp or used to subsidize campers who cannot afford to attend the wellness weekend. Funds also go toward helping children who may experience financial barriers for summer camp.
In the past, this volunteer committee has been responsible for hiring kitchen staff, cleaning buildings, and designing the program for the weekend. 

Thank you to the YMCA Women’s Wellness Weekend volunteers for enabling others to experience John Island Camp and the wonders of the great outdoors.  

YMCA Women’s Wellness Weekend Volunteer Committee

Minnow Lake Lions Club

The Minnow Lake Lions Club has been operating since 1951. It prides itself in bringing a high level of community service to Greater Sudbury. 

Currently, the club has 34 members who commit approximately 50 hours per month to various events and fundraising activities throughout the community. Specifically, the Minnow Lake Lions assist citizens with donations of assistive aids (walkers, wheelchairs, eye glasses) and fund food banks, local schools, playgrounds and arenas. Groups that have benefitted from their efforts include the Northeast Cancer Centre, NEO kids, Diabetes Care Sudbury, Alzheimer’s Society Sudbury-Manitoulin, CNIB, Northern Ontario Medical School, and Meals on Wheels (Sudbury).

These volunteers are also involved in partnering with local groups to deliver special events such as family fun days with Our Children Our Future, and pancake breakfasts at the Sudbury Blueberry Festival. A strong partnership was forged with the City of Greater Sudbury in the creation of the Minnow Lake Skate Park as well as the creation of Minnow Lake Place Park.

The efforts of this volunteer group in the City of Greater Sudbury have been consistent and effective for over 60 years. Thank you Minnow Lake Lions Club for the gift of your time and the value of your fundraising efforts. Your club’s work has truly benefitted the citizens of Greater Sudbury and contributed towards a healthier community for all. 

Minnow Lake Lions Club

Frontier College – Louis Street After School Tutoring Program 

Frontier College and volunteers from Laurentian University Education and Social Work programs have been working with local volunteers from the Louis Street Housing Complex since 2011, to provide after-school tutoring.

Their purpose is to provide students who live in the Louis Street area with homework assistance and literacy and math activities in their own neighbourhood. Students have made improvements in school thanks to the efforts of Frontier College and their volunteers. 

Tutors are interested in the success of the whole child; book clubs are encouraged, and partnerships with local libraries and participation in special events creates a very positive environment for the children to learn in.

The tutors help to instill confidence in the children, which may very well be a catalyst to promote further, or potentially lifelong, learning. This program is a true partnership between the tutors and existing volunteers at Louis Street that is working toward the collective goal of improved scholastic and personal success for the children of Louis Street. Thank you Frontier College for helping these children become successful City of Greater Sudbury citizens.


Melissa Pilon – Wahnapitae Youth Association

Melissa has volunteered for the Wahnapitae Youth Association for 10 years, in the capacity of President/Treasurer. She is the lead organizer of youth dances, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Wahnapitae Days, and the Children’s Christmas Party. 

All events are incredibly well organized, and Melissa works diligently to provide these opportunities for children and families living in Wahnapitae. Youth are able to gather for an activity and socialize, supervised, in their own neighbourhood.  

Fundraising efforts are the reason these activities are able to continue, and these events, which bring people together to celebrate at festive times of the year, have become part of the Wahnapitae community tradition. Melissa’s efforts contribute towards building a stronger Wahnapitae community within the City of Greater Sudbury.

Melissa Pilon

Dorothy Moorcraft – Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) and Sudbury Women’s Centre

Dorothy has been a steadfast and consistent volunteer at two locations in Greater Sudbury for the past two years. She volunteers at Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) where she sanitizes coolers for food delivery, a duty that’s imperative to the operation of Meals on Wheels. Dorothy also volunteers at the Sudbury Women’s Centre, helping to manage, sort and organize clothing intake. 

Dorothy is being recognized with a Civic Award for her dedication and community service, while overcoming her own challenges of living without vision. She is a remarkable example of how everyone in our community is able to share the gift of their time and talent and how it makes a difference in the lives of others. Thank you Dorothy for your efforts in assisting these two very important agencies in our community. 

Dorothy Moorcraft

Barb Kiley – Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) 

Barb is deserving of a Civic Award for to her ongoing commitment to Meals on Wheels (Sudbury). She has been a volunteer delivery driver for this organization for seven years, serving clients in Sudbury’s West end. 
This is such an important service as it allows seniors to remain independent in their homes and continue to access nutritious meal service. 

Barb is compassionate and treats Meals on Wheels clients with dignity and understanding. She is patient, often taking a few minutes to talk with clients about their day, and always ready to help those in need. The clients certainly appreciate Barb, and Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) considers Barb an extremely valuable asset to the Meals on Wheels family. 

Barb Kiley

Lily Noble – Numerous organizations related to climate change, sustainable transportation, and water quality

Throughout Greater Sudbury, Lily is recognized as a leading advocate for the health of lakes, waterways, drinking water sources and sustainable mobility. 

She holds volunteer leadership positions in various community organizations, including Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee, Greater Sudbury Lake Advisory Panel, Greater Sudbury Source Protection Committee, Sudbury Cyclists Union, Friends of Sudbury Transit and the Sustainable Mobility Panel. 

While her formal participation on these committees is visible and extensive, she is also quietly available when needed to provide a ride, drop off food, set up tables, or do a favour for anyone in need. 

Lily has created and been part of much positive change in the City of Greater Sudbury and has supported others in doing so. Lily collaborates with many individuals and groups towards common goals that benefit all in our community. Thank you Lily, for your leadership in empowering others to make our community a healthier place to live, work and play. 

Lily Noble

Jacqueline Doucet – Extendicare York, Extendicare Falconbridge and Lasalle Residence

Jacqueline Doucet has been volunteering in local seniors homes for more than 25 years. She began when her mother was a resident at Extendicare York, and has continued to provide support at these locations since. 
Jacqueline volunteers daily, coordinating mass services at Extendicare York, Extendicare Falconbridge and Lasalle Residence. Jacqueline has also participated on the Board at the Canadian Hearing Society and serves as choir director at her parish. 

This type of long-term volunteer commitment is rare and very much appreciated.  Jacqueline’s ongoing support enables seniors to maintain a part of their life that is extremely important to their spiritual wellness and wellbeing. Thank you Jacqueline for your long time commitment to enrich the lives of seniors in our community.

Jacqueline Doucet

Keith King – 76 Hilltop Seniors Woodshop

After retiring from INCO, Keith King wanted to ensure he had a productive retirement. He joined the 76 Hilltop Seniors Woodshop in 1998 and has been an extremely valuable asset to the group ever since.
Keith had a passion for woodworking, and from the beginning became enthusiastically involved in the administration of the club. He has held the position of President for some time. 

Keith ensures the shop is open every week day of the year at 8:00 a.m. Most days include a 4-hour shift at the club, training members in equipment and tool safety, creating and maintaining policies, general operation of the shop and providing guidance and suggestions to members on completion of their projects.
Keith is truly a jack of all trades, managing membership meetings, after-hour equipment repairs, site renovations, bookkeeping, shopping for supplies, and alarm monitoring. 

The impact Keith has made on this group is immense. Thank you, Keith for helping to provide valuable support to ensure this group is able to continue with their worthwhile hobby. Your commitment and dedication are truly appreciated by all. 

Keith King

Lynn McMurray – Positive Connections 1960 Paris Street

Lynn McMurray has led Positive Connections for the past six years. Through her leadership and networking, she has brought programming to those most in need in our community.

Lynn was instrumental in facilitating educational and social programs, including the Food Rescue Program, Fair Food Market and the Public Health Sudbury & Districts Circles Program, and the 1960 Paris Tenant Group Steering Committee. Lynn forged partnerships with Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation, the Greater Sudbury Police Service, the Social Planning Council, Our Children Our Future and many private sector individuals as well. 

All of this work has helped hundreds of families enjoy a better quality of life. Lynn exemplifies what it means to put others first and is a great example of volunteerism and commitment that makes our community a better place in which to live. Thank you Lynn for your contribution to our community.

Lynn McMurray

Frank and Nicole McAlpine

Frank and Nicole McAlpine have been volunteering at the YMCA of Northeastern Ontario in Greater Sudbury for 12 years. 

They clean the Health, Fitness and Aquatic Centre, remove snow, sweep and clean floors, wash windows, clean change rooms and polish handrails. 

They consistently have smiles on their faces and greet members and participants with a cheerful hello. They are extremely humble, caring volunteers who are motivated to give back to their community.  

Frank and Nicole’s gift of their time and energy assists the YMCA in maximizing subsidy dollars to ensure those who experience financial barriers can access YMCA programs. Frank and Nicole truly make a difference in the YMCA’s ability to be sustainable and drive the impact of their services across the Greater Sudbury community. Thank you for your service to our community. 
Frank and Nicole McAlpine