Synergy Centre

Synergy Centre Project Update - Report to City Council - June 28, 2017 (.pdf 2,007 kb)
Consultant Report (.pdf 1,543 kb) - June 28, 2017

About the Project: The Synergy Conference Centre is proposed to be a multi-use conference and performing arts complex located in downtown Sudbury.  

Community Partners: The project is supported by a number of community partners led by the Synergy Project Group.  

Budget and Breakdown of Contributions: As presented to Council in November 2015, the Synergy Centre is estimated to cost $65 million. Work is underway to review and update these estimates and determine an approach to funding which will include a municipal contribution as well as a combination of public and private investment.

Anticipated Project Outcomes: A multi-use centre including a trade show/conference hall, a performing arts hall, and flexible spaces for large and small functions alike. 
Anticipated Community Benefits: A preliminary feasibility study projects that the Synergy Centre could attract up to 329 events and 179,000 attendees per year, including conferences, concerts, family shows, sporting events, seminars, lectures and classes. This would increase the City’s share of the arts, culture and convention market  and yield a significant economic benefit, as well as contribute to the revitalization of the downtown. 

Current Status: The Synergy Project Group has done work to determine feasibility, market needs and operational requirements for the project. City staff, along with the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation Board, are working with the group to consolidate existing information.  A consultant has been secured to assist with this effort and staff will present an update to Council in 2017. 

Next Steps: As indicated, City staff  are working with internal and external experts to assess what information might still be required to bring the project to a decision point and to determine how best to get that information. A report will be presented to Council in 2017.