Junction East Update - December 2021

Since our last Council update in September, staff have been working closely with our partners and consultants to complete a significant amount of work on Junction East. We are continuing to finalize the schematic design for the project and are working to achieve the project vision in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

We are wrapping up our Net-Zero and Sustainable Design Feasibility Study. The findings will help create a building that is responsive to the pressures of energy price volatility, energy security issues and global climate change. This work will position the project to meet the goals of the City’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP).

We are working with our project partners and potential partners to develop an inaugural governance framework. This work is intended to help with internal planning and future discussions related to building utilization.

Geotechnical and hydrological testing is planned to take place at the Junction East site on Shaughnessy St. in late January 2022. This work will result in recommendations related to the design and site plan for Junction East. This investigation will result in items such as a detailed description of the soil and ground water conditions, foundation design recommendations, a seismic site classification, and anticipated groundwater management.

A report, providing a comprehensive update on the status of Junction East and the work being done on the project, is expected to be presented to Council on January 25.