Junction East

Direction for the project from 2019 to 2022 was to construct a new facility on Shaughnessy Street next to the Sudbury Theatre Centre. This direction was approved by Council in 2022 for a cost of $98.5 million (Junction East). 

Pausing the New Build and Exploring Renovation Options

In February 2023, to balance the achievement of the project with the economic realities faced by the municipality, Council directed staff to explore whether the new build could be redesigned for a total cost of approximately $65 million and to explore reconfiguring existing facilities in downtown Sudbury to realize the project.  

Based on partner feedback, redesigning the new build into a smaller facility would significantly compromise the vision, business and operational plans of each organization. As a result, this direction was not explored any further.  

Staff also explored opportunities in existing facilities and determined that Tom Davies Square presented the best alternative location for a renovation/reconfiguration of existing facilities. Pursuing the project at this location would require the potential relocation of some municipal services. 

Council Updates:

Next Steps

Staff continue to work with project partners to develop the details of the Cultural Hub at Tom Davies Square. They will return to Council on November 28, 2023, with a detailed update report that will include draft conceptual designs and a projected budget for both the Cultural Hub at Tom Davies Square and the Municipal Services Relocation projects.

The report is expected to include recommendations for Council’s consideration to pursue this option.