Parking, Traffic and Transportation

Will there be enough parking?

The integrated site plan exceeds parking requirements for the Entertainment District under the Zoning by-law.

The Arena/Event Centre will have:

  • 1,250 dedicated parking spaces with
  • an additional 1,400 spaces in overflow parking within approximately 400 metres of the entrance to the Arena/Event Centre.

Parking areas are located behind the entertainment complexes and are close to main entrances for the Arena/Event Centre, Casino and Hotel.

Additional overflow parking for major events will be directed to these parking areas. The developer and the City of Greater Sudbury are working on an agreement for long-term overflow parking.

Will I have to pay for parking?

Casinos and hotels generally do not charge for parking. Parking details have not yet been determined, but free parking is anticipated.

How will the City of Greater Sudbury manage traffic congestion?

Traffic signals will be installed at the new entrance to the Entertainment District from the Kingsway. There are already traffic signals at the Levesque Street intersection that will be upgraded.

A second traffic impact study has been completed. Traffic and parking analyses assume conditions before and after sold-out events at the Greater Sudbury Arena/Event Centre.

The design of the entrances and exits, and the inclusion of overflow parking, will strike a balance between accommodating sold-out events while not overbuilding infrastructure that will not be needed for non-event days.

Based on attendance data from the existing Sudbury Community Arena, as well as non-local OHL arenas, most teams draw between five and 10 near-capacity crowds each year. When major events are not scheduled, the site will see much lower levels of traffic and parking.

Programming/incentives such as restaurants will help to reduce congestion by spreading out the peak arrival and departure rates of event patrons. 

Will Greater Sudbury Transit service the Kingsway Entertainment District?

All Greater Sudbury Transit routes are under review and there will be service to the Kingsway Entertainment District. The integrated site plan is designed with a dedicated lane for drop-off and pick-up at the main entrance of the entertainment complex.

Will I be able to walk or bike to the Kingsway Entertainment District?

Bancroft Drive and Levesque Street, right across from the Kingsway Entertainment District, already have sidewalks and Bancroft Drive has dedicated bike lanes. The City will add an edge line on the connecting Levesque Street for cycling.

The integrated site plan provides for a cycling/walking path through the Kingsway Entertainment District.

Cyclists who prefer to ride to their nearest bus stop can take advantage of Greater Sudbury Transit’s “rack and roll” bike racks for public transportation to the main entrance of the Arena/Event Centre. 

A number of natural trails have been identified in the area; there is a snowmobile trail to the northeast. Moonlight Beach, located within 2.6 km of the Entertainment District, is also nearby as a popular active transportation destination.