2022 Budget

The 2022 Budget is the City’s business plan for the coming year. It describes the costs associated with providing the municipal services our community relies on, and the revenues that make these services possible.

City Council Approves 2022 Municipal Budget

Following deliberations by the Finance and Administration Committee, City Council approved the 2022 municipal budget with significant investments in numerous priority areas, including housing and social services supports, active transportation, recreation, roads, winter control and water and wastewater.

The 2022 budget results in a 3.1 per cent tax increase. For a home assessed at $230,000, this means a monthly increase of approximately $8 over 2021. For a home assessed at $350,000, it means an increase of approximately $13 each month.  

The $661.8 million operating budget includes costs to perform routine operations and deliver Council’s approved service levels for the operation of the City’s 58 lines of business. Approximately 48 per cent of the operating budget is funded by property taxes, while the remainder comes from provincial and federal governments, grants and subsidies, user fees and other revenues. 

The $162.4 million capital budget (excluding water and wastewater) ensures the best investment choices are made by ranking projects based on standard criteria and moving forward with the highest priorities. Nearly one-third of the capital budget is dedicated to roads and drainage projects. 

The 4.8 per cent water/wastewater user rate increase is in line with the long-term financial plan for the service. Municipal water and wastewater services are fully funded by end users, as mandated by the Province, with no impact on property taxes.

 Learn more and find highlights of investments in the news release issued on December 15.

2022 Budget Summary (PDF, 41 KB)

2022 Approved Capital Budget Summary (PDF, 72 KB)

2022 Approved Business Case Summary (PDF, 129 KB)

2022 Budget Line Accounts (PDF, 920 KB)

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