2019 Budget

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2019 Approved Budget

City Council approved the 2019 Budget with increased investments in year-round road maintenance, transit, economic development, customer service, the arts and more.

Council approved a budget with a 3.6 per cent tax increase. For a typical home assessed at $230,000, this means approximately $105 more than 2018 taxes, or an additional $9 monthly. A user fee increase of 7.4 per cent for water/wastewater was also approved. This amounts to $7.35 more per month for the average homeowner who uses 200 cubic metres of water per year. 

The following reflects the overall approved 2019 Operating Budget and provides changes to the chart found on page 45 of the budget document.
Budget Summary 2019 (PDF)

The link below reflects the adopted business cases from the proposed list on pages 161 and 162 of the budget document and reflects all service level changes approved by the Committee:
Approved Business Case Summary (PDF)

The 2019 Operating Budget is $593 million, which includes the following service level enhancements to improve quality of life for residents:

  • Higher transit service levels include expanded Sunday and early morning operating hours.
  • More summer road maintenance activities including $0.5 million for arterial and rural roads that enhance user quality and safety, and an additional $1 million for winter control services to reflect the importance of this service to the community
  • Extended operating hours for 311 to improve customer service
  • Approval of the financing plan for the development of The Junction, (Library/Art Gallery and the Greater Sudbury Convention/Performance Centre) to promote arts and culture in the community, invest in the downtown and improve quality of life for residents

The $120.5 million capital budget ensures the best investment choices are made by ranking projects based on standard criteria and moving forward with the highest priorities.

The following link reflects the Capital Budget changes approved by Council.
2019 Approved Capital Budget (PDF)

Highlights of the 2019 capital budget include significant investments in roads, recreation and other infrastructure:

  • $46.6 million invested in road construction, including funding for the Maley Drive Extension Project and Municipal Road 35.
  • $15.6 million for several bridge and culvert rehabilitation projects throughout the community. 
  • $4.3 million for recreation assets, including upgrades to the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre and the Dowling Leisure Centre.
  • $3.2 million for projects at the Azilda and Sudbury landfill sites to enable the City to responsibly dispose and divert waste, and protect the environment around the sites.

2019 Proposed Budget

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2019 Budget Public Input

Thank you for participating in the 2019 budget. Your feedback is an important part of the City’s budget development process.

2019 Budget Direction

City Council directed staff to build a budget to be no more than a 3.5% property tax increase, with options to reduce this to a 3% and a 2.5% property tax increase.

Budget direction 2019

2019 Budget Schedule 

Activity Date

2019 Budget Direction

Preliminary Forecast of Operating and Capital Budgets and Water/Wastewater Rate Increase

May 15, 2018
Community Consultation Session - Online Submissions Winter 2019
Update Meeting September 25, 2018

Table Budget Document

  • 2019 Operating and Capital Budget Overview Presentation (CAO and CFO)
  • Presentation from Outside Boards (tentative)

January 22, 2019

Budget Meeting

  • Review and Approve Operating and Capital Budgets and Water/Wastewater Rates
  • Three consecutive meetings have been scheduled

February 19, 20, 21, 2019

City Council Approval of 2019 Operating and Capital Budget

Council Meeting following Finance and Administration Committee Approval of the Budget*

Approval of 2019 Property Tax Policy May 2019